Background & History of African Hope Mission

African Hope Mission is the realization of vision that Kuot Ngor had of converting 1 million members of his native Dinka Tribe in the South Sudan to Jesus Christ.

Shortly after being commissioned as a pastor, Ngor went back to visit his parents in South Sudan where he saw a tremendous amount of human suffering.

“People were suffering to the point that I knew their suffering was a result of idol worshipping and not knowing the God who created them,” Ngor said. “I just continued to preach  to them. My father was my first convert. After I went to the market place and preached to these old men and he accepted Jesus. He looked at me and said, “Are you staying.” I said no, I’m going back to the States. He looked at me and said, “Son, you people come here for only two days, three days to melt our hearts and then disappear. Who do you think will be teaching us the Good News you are talking about, about the God you are talking about.” It hit me like a brick, so I start to think what to tell this old man. I told him, let me go back to the United States then when I come back, I’ll tell you what I can do.”

After relaying his experience to his wife, the two agreed that Ngor needed to go back and continue the mission. However, the church with which  Ngor was affiliated, could only provide prayerful assistance, no funding. This did not dissuade Ngor.

” I said, ‘God will provide,’ So I went back and started a ministry under a tree with two people, then three, and then all of the sudden 500 under the tree,” Ngor said.

A short time later, Ngor had his vision of bringing 1 million Dinkas to Christ. The ministry started in 2013, and today, the group that started with two men under a tree, now has more than 3,000 members and 16 churches in the region.

“God gave me a vision of (converting) 1 million souls from the Dinka tribe,” Ngor said. “All they know is to worship nature, worship their ancestors and their shrines. These are the people that God gave me a vision to reach and bring them to Christ.”

The rapid growth is not without its growing pains, and Ngor and African Hope Mission are looking for assistance in both the Sudan and in the United States. Ngor is currently training evangelists to send to the churches in the region.

Norma Smith and Her Husband

Part of initial financial assistance came from Norma Smith, who used to be a missionary to Sudanese in Egypt and Sudan. She had an organization called African Hope Incorporated and when she heard about Ngor’s work, the organization started paying for plane tickets so Ngor could travel back and forth. Smith later transferred the African Hope Incorporated organization to Ngor. It has since been renamed African Hope Mission.

But there is much more that needs to be done.

Ngor realized for his mission to be ultimately successful, all of the areas needed a church, school, farm and a clinic.

– Church building

Ngor would like to see a permanent church structure in each of the areas that he has established a church. Currently, there are only permanent church buildings in two of the 16 churches that African Hope Mission has established.

“Most of them live in small huts with mud and grass roofing,” Ngor said. “We want to let them see something different. That this is really a house of God. They can see a modern world and that this is a place of worship also.”

Ngor says the mission has a goal of building a couple of churches a year in the region.

– Schools

Many of the children are raised by single moms as a result of years of civil wars. The moms cannot afford to buy them uniforms or pay the school fees. When Ngor saw this, he established a school in the first church he built.

“I told them even if your child is naked and barefooted and you don’t have school fees and uniforms, just bring them to school,” Ngor said. “My son and other friends collected cloth. When mothers brought their kids to school naked, I would just clothe the kids and put them in a classroom. We taught those kids how to read and write and more importantly, we taught them how to pray.”

The long-term goal of African Hope Mission is to open a school in all 16 churches.

– Farm

The long-term goal of a farm in each community is to help sustain the church. The short-tem goal is to feed the people in the community.

“We want to promote modern agriculture because people are not able to produce enough because they use hand tools,” Ngor said. “What they cultivate is consumed in a very short time, and there is not enough food. So modern agriculture is something I am trying to promote in the area using ox plow, farm machinery and bringing sanitary water to people.”

African Hope Mission has been granted access to 300 acres of fertile ground by the local government thanks to its initiative. The next step is to get funds and/or farm machinery, which will create jobs and help make the church and mission self-sustaining.

– Clinic

Malaria is a major problem in the area. In 2014, 38 people died from malaria, so Ngor and the African Hope Mission want to establish a clinic in each of the areas.

“Malaria treatment is one area where we can provide medication,” Ngor said. “But we need a clinic where people will be treated for this dangerous disease. We know that God has given us the power of healing, but we also need a clinic where we can treat people.”

To accomplish its goals, the African Hope Mission is going to need your help.

“We are looking for partners and opportunities,” Ngor said. “We want people who can go into the mission field, and we want people who can fund the mission itself.

However, the most important thing that the mission needs, according to Ngor, is prayer partners. All of your prayers will be greatly appreciated.